Organization "KEFA" was founded in 2014, but its founders with a team of volunteers are working in this field for 13 years. Historically, the main activities of the organization are directed to work with children, teenagers, young people and families.

At the moment our main work is:
1.the organization of the following weekly activities:
• activities and workshops for children 6 to 15 years old - including for children from disadvantaged families
• themed activities for youth
• "women's club", "youth club"

2.the organization of the following special activities - annual sports day for families with children, hiking and rafting for children and youths, summer camps (tents, hiking, cooking over a campfire, etc.), carrying out various kinds of training for volunteers, transfer of material assistance for needy people, charity events, concerts, exhibitions, seminars, city-quests, excursions, outdoor activities and others.

The Organization is operating to a three core values - selfless service to others, fairness and professionalism. 

The aim of our work - to make the life of people who are close to us happier, more interesting and more enjoyable! Most of the work is performed with the help of volunteers. We have a team of permanent volunteers who donate their time to achieve the goals of the organization throughout the year. We also engage additional volunteers for special events. 

The associations goals are:

1. contribute to the successful integration of groups at risk of social exclusion and socially disadvantaged groups in society;

2. provide useful and enjoyable leisure activities for children, young people and adults through inclusive methods;

3. promoting active, athletic, healthy and virtuous lifestyles, as well as tourism and environmental education;

4. promoting the development of non-formal education and volunteering and the development of civil society and cohesion

5.  promotion of culture, music, dance and theatrical art among children, young people and adults;

6. ensure the availability of family strengthening and socio-psychological services for families with children;

7. to promote positive social changes in society by popularizing charity. 

The associations operational tasks are :

1. develop and implement charity social projects and organize related events, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other events;

2. provide material assistance to poor and low-income groups;

3. to provide support to socially vulnerable groups;

4. providing support for people with visual and hearing disabilities;

5. to provide support to NEET youth - young people who for various reasons are not involved in the labor market, education or training;

6. organizing and supporting cultural, sports, dance and musical events, promotion of healthy lifestyle and long-term projects, camps, hiking and training in non-formal education;

7. providing mental health care for children, young people and adults by providing spiritual and emotional support;

8. empower young people and adults to engage in voluntary work;

9. empower young people to use skills and abilities acquired in non-formal education and to practice peer training;

10. to recognize and evaluate the abilities and skills acquired by young people by awarding certificates for participation in non-formal education and voluntary work activities of the Association;

11. to establish cooperation with other legal and natural persons, including state administration institutions in Latvia and abroad;

12. provide the material and technical base by attracting financial resources and other resources to achieve the objectives of the Association;

13. to organize and manage projects related to the above objectives and tasks.